District Dream Broker

About the Dream Broker Program

Children and youth in Saskatchewan are faced with various social and economic challenges that adversely affect their quality of life. These issues create barriers to sport, culture and recreation participation. A large proportion of children and youth attending schools in core neighbourhoods are less likely to be physically active than their counterparts. These children are restricted from accessing sport, culture and recreational activities due to barriers such as economic circumstance, awareness, cultural insensitivity and access to transportation. Caregivers in the core neighbourhoods need more support to provide greater opportunities that contribute to developing children and youth who are healthy, active, and successful members of their community.

Our Vision 
The vision of the Dream Brokers Program is to contribute to children and youth becoming healthy, active and successful members of their community.

We’re on a mission! 
The Dream Brokers Program is committed to initiating and sustaining the participation of children and youth in new or existing arts, sports, cultural and recreational activities that advance their life skills, enhance their sense of belonging, and foster pride in their accomplishments.

Regina District Dream Broker

Stacey Laing

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District Dream Broker Schools

Albert Community School

1340 Robinson St.
Ph: (306)791-8539
email: albert@rbe.sk.ca

St. Augustine Community School

 2343 Edgar St.
Ph: (306) 791-7310