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Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program 


What is the Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant?

The purpose of the Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program (ACSDGP) is to provide greater sport participation and development opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan. The program will assist and support the implementation of organized community sport programs to inrcrease sport opportunities for youth in the Aboriginal community, specifically in urban, rural, on-reserve, isolated and northern communities.

Who Can Apply?

 Organizations that provide services with First Nations and Metis people and are registered under the Non-Profit Corporations Act of Saskatchewan, 1995 are eligible to apply (these organizations must have been incorporated and in existence for a minimum of one year); or Communities are eligible to apply provided endorsement is received from a Bonded Authorized Officer (i.e. Mayor, Reeve, Chief).Applications must have appropriate levels of participants’ insurance covering projects, events and activities that fall under its sanction. Ineligible communities or organizations may partner with eligible communities or organizations to applyfor support and deliver activities that meet the objectives of the program. Individuals and provincial organizations may not apply for funding assistance through this program.

How Much Funding is Available?

  • Receipients are permitted to apply for more than one community sport initiative; however, a seperate application per initiative is required. If an organization or community is submitting more than one application, consideration will be given to the second or subsequent application(s) after all other community submittions have been reviewed.
  • The maximum eligible amount a community can receive per initiative is $5,000 per year. The minimum application amount to be considered is $1,000 per initiative per year.
  • For approved sport initiatives, grant recipients will be eligible to apply for additional funding support in subsequent years. Initiatives can be funded for up to three years but the maximum eligible amount a grant recipient can receive is $10,000 per initiative over the three years.

Upcoming Grant Deadlines & Applications

 The application deadline for the Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program (ACSDGP) for Regina Sport is September 30, 2012.

The ACSDGP is jointly funded through Sport Canada’s Aboriginal Participation Bilateral, the Province of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.



National Coach Certification Program


NCCP Coaching Clinics

For more information on the National Coaching Certification Program or to find out about upcoming workshops in Regina please visit the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan at


District Dream Broker


Our Vision
The vision of the Dream Brokers Program is to contribute to children and youth becoming healthy, active and successful members of their community.

We’re on a mission! 
The Dream Brokers Program is committed to initiating and sustaining the participation of children and youth in new or existing arts, sports, cultural and recreational activities that advance their life skills, enhance their sense of belonging, and foster pride in their accomplishments.



2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games

Estevan will be hosting the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games!

The Games will involve over 2,000 athletes, coaches and managers in twelve events. Estevan will require up to 1,500 volunteers to host these multi-sport games. Athletes from nine districts within Saskatchewan will be competing to win the Joe Griffiths Trophy for the most improved district and the Games Flag for the district who earns the most points.

Not only do the Saskatchewan Games provide developing athletes with the thrill and excitement of a multi-sport games, they also work to encourage young athletes to pursue more competitive levels of sport like the Canada Games and beyond.

Saskatchewan Games Council, Past Chairman, Darrell Baker, officially announced that the City of Estevan has been selected to host the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games.  “Congratulations to Estevan in winning the bid to host their second Saskatchewan Summer Games,” Baker said. “The Estevan committee is taking on an important responsibility as these games provide many of our athletes with their first multi-sport experience, preparing them to represent our province on the larger national and international stage.” The Saskatchewan Games Council is confident Estevan will create a memorable multi-sport games experience for all involved.  Site Evaluation Committee Chairman, Larry Lafrentz commented that Estevan’s, “strong group of core volunteers are dedicated to creating a memorable multi-games experience as well as providing for the care and comfort of the athletes.” He added, “The community’s existing sport facilities coupled with planned upgrades and new construction will provide a legacy of sport development opportunities in the community.”

For further information, contact: Mark Bracken, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Games Council at 780-9387.

Sport Medicine and Science



The Sports Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan’s (SMSCS) mission is to support and optimize competitive sport performance through the delivery of high quality and evidence based sport medicine and science services to their clients with a priority on Sask Sport Inc. membership. The SMSCS offers a wide variety of programs and services including: 

Sport Science Programs & Services

  • Mental Training
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Dairy Farmers of Saskatchewan Athlete Nutrition Program
  • Exercise/Rehabilitation/Training Equipment & Supplies

For all Sport Science inquiries, contact Travis Laycock, Manager of Sport Sciences Programs & Services.

Sport Medicine Programs & Services

  • Sport First Aid
  • Sport Taping
  • Sport Medicine Sessions
  • Initial Injury Assessments
  • Medical Coverage Program
  • Medical Equipment Loaner/Rental
  • Sport Med Saturdays Program
  • Drug Education & Awareness Program
  • Sport First Aid Kits & Supplies
  • Web Page, Newsletters, and Resource Material

For all Sport Medicine inquiries, contact Scott Jule, Manager of Sport Medicine Programs & Services.