Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw

Want to introduce a new and exciting sport….and receive a grant of up to $250 as an incentive?
*up to $500 for Northern District or Aboriginal schools/communities
*additional Grants to help any teams attend provincials, May, Regina

Sepak Takraw is:

Easily modified, usually introduced from about grade 4/5 and up; Easy to learn, Referee/Coach Clinics are offered (can combine with school clinic); Inexpensive, uses badminton courts/poles/nets already in place – and with only 3 players minimum (maximum of 5) on a tea, 1 or 2 teams can travel to a tourney in 1 vehicle; FUN to play at any level….provincial tourney, May 26, 2012, includes 3 Divisions: Youth (11-14, MODIFIED GAMES), Junior (15-16), and Senior (19 and up); ’09-’11 Participation: 37 Schools/Clubs & 84 Individual Members in 9 of 9 Districts!

Phone: 306.584.8778